The Faison Residence

residenceIn an effort to offer lifelong support for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, The Faison Center has developed a unique semi-independent living community for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The Faison Residence, one of the country’s first compassionate communities for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, allows individuals to transition from typical day school services to a more independent lifestyle in adulthood. This atmosphere helps residents develop daily life skills and also provides health and recreation programs, and volunteer programs.

residence2The Residence features 45 apartments, as well as a community room and recreational facilities for social activities. Approximately a third of the apartments are set aside for adult tenants with autism and other developmental disabilities who are generally independent but need occasional assistance and supervision. The remaining apartments are rented to the public, making it a truly integrated community with neighbors looking out for neighbors. The apartments also feature assistive and security technology – all embedded into the fabric of this amazing residential community. The Faison Residence allows individuals to live as independently as possible with supportive in-home services.